Cara Shannon is the author of Bad to the Bone: Analyzing and Assessing Dog Bites and a dog behavior consultant who works with aggressive dogs on an almost daily basis in her dog training and behavior consultant business in Austin, Texas.

This webpage is designed to help dog owners, animal control officers, and municipal or city officials make rational decisions regarding dog bite injuries. When a dog bite occurs our emotions take over and we often have to make difficult decisions regarding euthanasia and public safety. A rational response to dog bite incidents should include an analysis of the dog’s bite threshold and bite inhibition. This website can help you to do this.

Cara is available for consultation by phone with other dog behavior consultants or city officials and is available for seminars and conferences. To contact Cara, please use the contact us tab to the left. If you are a dog owner who would like information on Cara’s training and behavior consultation services for dog owner, or need a referral to a trainer in your area, please visit Cara’s website at www.buddyschance.com or use the contact us page.